AI Essay Generator Hua Mu Lan Project

For this project I chose the historical figure Hua Mu Lan for the essay generator to write about. I prompted it with just “Hua Mu Lan in Battle” and I was curious to see what kind of information would be generated about the topic. I used to generate the essay. It did a pretty nice job of summarizing her story and keeping it to what was pretty well known facts. It was also written with a lot of really nice descriptive words that made it interesting to read but maybe some would consider some of these words a bit unnecessary or wordy. The essay did flow nicely, however, and seemed to be pretty in line with what is known about Mu Lan. I did not feel that it was able to get into specifics or argue a certain point very well, it seemed like a lot of general information. I also found that it was a bit passive at times. Some of the sentences sound pretty but it is hard to tell exactly what it means by them. One example of this is “enduring values of Chinese culture”. Chinese culture and history are complex and I am not sure that this is specific enough. I see other issues throughout the essay as well. I think that the flow and then the outline and general information are the strengths of the essay.

I went with the image generator because generally I am not a huge fan of AI images and I read that this one tended to be more artistic. I actually kind of liked the image that it generated, it was better than some that I have seen before and I think it at least captured the idea of Mu Lan as a woman warrior.

Overall I think this was a fascinating project that shows what can be done with AI, some of the strengths and weaknesses, and potential uses for AI image and essay generators. I think they could also be a way to get quick information on a topic that could give ideas of portions that could be researched further, especially for a topic that you are unfamiliar with. Of course the same thing can be accomplished with an encyclopedia, more accurately, but perhaps there could be a reason why you it might be helpful to generate some quick general information about a topic you are interested in.

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  1. Hey Ruth, it is cool how you approached this project and the figure you chose. People may overlook some of the people that are being mentioned in this assignment. That is why its awesome that you guys are doing the AI assignment.

  2. Hi Ruth! I like your point about the AI essay generator not being specific enough, I also found that my essay was surface level and didn’t go into details that much. I think it’s definitely a limitation of both the AI and maybe the length of paper we as the AI group chose to generate.

  3. After seeing your initial post about your AI project idea, I was excited to see how it would turn out. I am impressed with how well the essay flowed. It was much better than I would have expected. I think your original hypothesis that the information would be more general was definitely true since there was a lack of more contextual details. The essay almost felt as though it was written by a young high school student. I would be interested to see how much comes up as plagiarized if placed into a plagiarism checker. Overall, great job! I loved seeing this done for a well-recognized historical figure.

  4. Hi Ruth,
    I had never heard about Hua Mu Lan, so I really enjoyed learning more about her through your blog post. The image generator did produce a very stylistic image of Hua Mu Lan. Did you choose the style for the image or did you just type “image of Hua Mu Lan”?

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