AI project thoughts

This week we chose which project we wanted to participate in. I chose the AI assignment and we also came up with topic ideas this week. I thought it was interesting beginning to explore the different AI essay generators and image generators to see what would be available for the project. I chose a topic I was already familiar with and I am curious to see if the essay generator will be fairly factual or if it will be missing important pieces of information in the story. I am thinking that an AI essay generator will be more generalized in the information that is available for the essay than that of which an actual person researching could find and put together.

2 Replies to “AI project thoughts”

  1. Ruth this sounds very interesting and thats good that you chose a topic that you have familiarity with. It is interesting how certain programs can write essays or create pictures with them. It is really cool that this class is allowing people to explore this.

  2. I am excited to see your final project and the topic you picked. I agree that I would assume the AI would produce more general information, kind of like a Wikipedia page. I also think it was smart to choose a topic you are familiar with so you can fact check the AI’s information a bit easier.

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